Reframing collaboration to achieve mutual benefit

Tl;dr: Reframing alignment as alliance makes mutual benefit — for individuals, customers, and companies — an explicit goal in planning and decision making.

Default conditions

Collaboration and alignment are goals that nearly every company and team share. We want to work together, and we want to have shared understanding and buy-in on…

How understanding different mental modes helps us live in the moment

How long is your to-do list?

How much longer is it today that it was one month ago?

I’ll venture a guess that your’s isn’t a wishlist of all your favorite activities. …

Lisha Bell, Deal Flow Lead at Pipeline Angels, shares her approach to getting more information before investing.

“When you’re an angel it’s different. It’s your own pocketbook. These are decisions you have to make. Particularly in pitches with a male and female cofounder and I hear maybe the male overtalking, I’ll split up the founders and have one-on0one conversations with them to get the real raw truth and their perspective of the company and where it’s going without the other one in the room influencing that conversation.”

From the XFN Conf 2020 Panel: “XFN Investing: How Tech Investors Collaborate and Evaluate Teamwork”

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Part 3: Setting the Conditions for Collaboration

Stephie Theodora, Head Writer of Robot Trains on Netflix, talks about the surprising, exciting outcomes of healthy collaboration.

“One thing that’s always surprising but shouldn’t be is when I write the word “clock,” the art team is imagining a different clock that I was when I wrote it down. It brings in the other perspective and set of experiences which livens up the whole thing.

I was thinking…

Lauren Porter, Head of Product Design at Thumbtack, shares her advice on how and when to take feedback.

“One of the key things on the design side is to be intentional about when you’re bringing folks into the work, when you’re seeking feedback, and being very specific about what kind of feedback you’re looking for.

Having a strong point of view and recognizing you are the ultimate decision…

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